Instant Video for Travel Agents

Replace telesales with video-sales

Crave Instant Video allows potential customers  to  instantly connect with Travel Agents via a secure video chat link.

A simple website link or QR code initiates a video call with available agents, with no app to download or delay.

Try it out for yourself:

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Instant video chat from your website

Clients can make a video call to your team simply by pressing on a button next to each destination or vacation package. 

No app to download, no special software, just instant secure video chat.

The agent who answers the call gets to see where the call has come from, and which vacation the client was looking at before they pick up. 

Get ahead of your competition, and give your clients instant face-to-face service with Crave Instant Video.




Scan for instant video call

The beauty of Crave Instant Video is its simplicity and no hassle video connection.

QR codes can be added to printed adverts and brochures - when scanned by any smartphone the customer is automatically routed to the right agent or office. No download, no registration - just instant connection.

And as your staff receive the call they know which  destination or package the client is calling about.

Guide clients to the right vacation with screen share

Unlike a telephone call, Crave Instant Video allows agents to show other vacations and hotels to clients with our screen share feature.

Even better, the agent can see the client's facial reaction, helping them to understand the clients' thoughts and close the sale! 

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Personal call links

Each agent can have a personal calling link, so clients can get straight through when available - a bit like the video equivalent of a direct phone number.

If the agent is unavailable, the caller is presented with the options you want to provide - such as to speak with another member of the team, leave a message, book a call back time etc.

Personal calling links can be used in adverts, from your web site, business cards, email signatures, google ads, text messages, etc.

Call transferring

Make sure clients and callers get a personalised, seamless experience with the ability to transfer calls to another agent.

If you are unable to further assist, or simply want to pass on a client to another department, the Instant Video platform allows you to invite another agent to your active call and stay on the line as you hand over the client's needs and expectations. You are then free to leave the call after handing off the caller.


Easy for staff

Staff log in via a PC browser to their Crave Instant Video agent portal, which is easy to understand and use.

Their profile identifies which languages they speak and which services they can deal with. Their location is protected with background blur, enabling home working or untidy office environments.

Visual and audio prompts let them know a client is calling, and can include information on the caller, whether they are responding to a website link, email link or a QR code, and which destination was being viewed.



Integrated chat

Each call has an integrated chat function. As well as a handy chat channel, this is particularly useful for sharing links, templates for common questions, documents, etc.

It is very useful for sharing links, getting clients to clarify the spelling of their name, email etc.

The chat channel can be used to pass specific payment links to clients for secure instant payment.

Auto blurred background

Crave Instant Video has a blurred background as standard on both the client and agent side of the video call.

Not only does this protect the privacy of anyone in the background, it allows staff to act as agents from home, keeping their varied environments anonymous!  


Client expectations managed

Clients are shown how many agents are available from each department upfront.

If no-one is available, they are informed politely and invited to leave a message, or book a call back.


If no-one answers....

If available agents do not answer for any reason, calling clients are not left waiting.

A message apologises for the delay in answering after a specific time, and clients are asked if they would like to continue, or leave a message.


Calls recorded and transcripted

An optional feature is for calls to be recorded with a transcript automatically created. These can be added to client notes in your CRM and used for quality and training purposes.

Clients are advised upfront with a clear message if the call is to be recorded.



Agent Standard
£39  per month
Agent can be in up to 2 call groups
Up to 1,000 video minutes
Unlimited chat
Source and vacation identified with call
Property identified with call
Web and video training
Support via email
24/7 Tech Support
Share screen
Agent remote login
Office, home, anywhere
Agent Pro
£49  per month
Up to 6 call groups
Up to 2,000 video minutes
Unlimited chat
Personal call link
Client access points
Web, QR code, social, business card, email signature
Advanced analytics
Forward to telephone
Support via video call, phone, email
Transfer between branches
24/7 Tech Support
Multiple branches
Integration with CRM
Payment integration
Customised to brand
PBX integration
Bespoke Feature Development
Call recording and transcripts

See for yourself

Connect to the Crave team now and see how it all works for yourself!


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You can also use the QR code to place a call on your mobile:


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