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Keep it up to date

Have a front desk tablet

Introduce your Crave devices to guests upon arrival with a unique front-desk delivery point group. Include key information such as restaurant hours, spa details, and promotions, as well as front-desk exclusive information like room upgrade options to entice guests from the moment they arrive.


Know your stuff

Knowing what content is displayed on Crave devices is crucial for front desk & operations. Being well-informed of the tablet's offerings makes you the best point of contact for guest inquiries.


Best info easily found

Make sure that key guest information, such as Wi-Fi login details, local area information, and transportation options, are easily accessible on Crave devices for all guests. General information can be easily forgotten without dedicated placement.

Boosting revenue

Being a part of the welcoming experience for all guests, it's important that you know what your Crave devices can offer.

Understanding exactly what tablet content elements can generate revenue is a great start, as it allows you to directly promote these items right from the beginning.

Highlighting the products and services that are most likely to appeal to guests and generate revenue can encourage them to engage with those offerings and increase your revenue stream.

Increase Revenue

Best practices & top tips

Introduce Crave devices to guests

A guest-facing tablet at the front desk is a useful tool to showcase its capabilities and entice guests to use it in their rooms. Whether it's a standard device or a unique front desk tablet, introducing the tablet during check-in can encourage guests to use it for orders and services.

Best ways to use promotion

Promote on-site restaurants as a starting point to encourage guests to book a nice meal. Recommend room service and showcase current promotions/offers to generate interest and revenue in those departments.

Push your loyalty programme

Loyalty programs can boost revenue and keep guests coming back. Advertise your program on Crave devices with homescreen advertisements, widgets, and scheduled messages.

Upselling late checkouts

Offer late checkout by creating a service item with an alteration. Include it in check-in/check-out info for guest awareness and direct requests to the front desk console.

Games domain

Boost revenue by offering games on Crave devices for a small fee per room per day. Contact the Crave team to learn about available games and their benefits.

On-site retail

Increase revenue by featuring retail items. Create a dedicated section to showcase offerings such as branded towels and robes, souvenirs and  skin-care products to entice guests to purchase.


External links

Link external webpages to Crave devices for promotions or existing services like loyalty programs or booking systems.
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Guest engagement

It is important to keep guests actively engaged in their experience with you right from the get-go.

Maximize guest interaction and revenue generating opportunities by introducing the devices during check-in.

Showcase all the great features they can explore on their device and get them excited to engage with the tablet and learn about all the great things that make your property special.

Let the tablets do the hard work for you; encouraging engagement is the first and most important step to making the most of your devices.

Best practices & top tips

Local area information

Provide informative local area content to keep guests engaged. Create a dedicated Local Area tab or use our interactive map feature to showcase individual locations and external links.

Display your newspaper offerings

Integrate Gold-Key Media, Press reader, or other online publications directly on your Crave devices. Add them as a widget on the home page or create a dedicated tab for them to enhance your guests' experience.

Share your social media

Promote your social media on Crave devices to encourage guests to engage and share their experiences. Add social media widgets to the Home or Cart tabs or create a product in the Guest Directory with QR codes for easy access.

Engaging homescreens

Engage guests with an on-brand, visually appealing homescreen on the tablet. Use beautiful imagery or moving gifs for an exciting guest experience.

Mapping functionality

Add a map tab on Crave devices to engage guests and keep the tablet in their hands. Use for larger local areas or nearby facilities and attractions.

Feedback forms

Get honest guest feedback by linking an external feedback form to a widget on the homescreen. Encourage completion before they depart enabling resolution of any issues before leaving.

Utilising translations

 Include key languages on Crave devices for accessibility. The multi-language system capabilities can display content for guests who prefer a different language.


Crave devices are purpose built not only for your guests but for your teams and departments as well.

With highly customizable routing features and Crave consoles, take the load off and create a set up that works best for you. Streamline orders and requests through to different areas of your property with ease, automatically print out ticketed receipts & most importantly, say goodbye to your old way of working harder than you need to be.

Running operations doesn't have to be hard, let Crave assist you on your day to day.


Best practices & top tips

Share information to all guests

Need to quickly share information with guests? Use the ad-hoc messaging feature on your Crave console. Customize your message with titles, text, images, and links to ensure it's effective and tailored to your needs, whether it's a casual update or an urgent notification.

Keep track of guest requests

Configure your front desk Crave console to receive check-in/out and other department requests for better volume tracking and personalized guest experiences.

Hotel rules and policies

Include property rules and policies in your guest directory for guests to review easily. Create a separate category for them and set the products as "Directory" product types, so they cannot be ordered or requested.

Specialized widgets

Customize specialized widgets like weather clock, alarm, delivery time & currency widgets to enhance operations and guest options. Tailor them to match your branding.

Reconnect devices to wifi

Quickly reconnect a lost internet connection on Crave devices. Enter your company pincode, go to the configuration menu, select the Wi-Fi tab on the right, and connect to your network. Contact support for further assistance.

Instant Video

Enhance your offering with Crave Instant Video. Chat face-to-face with guests from a central location for bookings, questions, and on-site offerings. It's secure with end-to-end encryption and just a click away.

Device upkeep

Regular cleaning of Crave devices is essential for maintaining aesthetics, guest comfort, and preventing operational issues like charging and touchscreen problems.

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