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Keep it clear

An engaging and clean design can lead users towards their desired items and help them discover new features. Clarity should be prioritized in the design, so it's important to selectively highlight the key features and departments.


Keep it consistent

A consistent brand identity is key to success and can leave a lasting impact on guests. Aligning device design with your brand can enhance memorability by providing an additional point of contact and ensuring your brand is recognizable.


Keep it up to date

Regularly reviewing your content is essential, in order to maintain its relevance and ensure that your guests have an experience that aligns with your company's image, offers, and promotions. Providing a smooth experience can also help to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Boosting revenue

Simplicity is highly valued in our modern world, and technology plays a significant role in enhancing the guest experience.

Utilizing technology as an upselling device can provide guests with valuable insights into what your hotel and the surrounding area have to offer, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

To help you maximize revenue from your Crave devices, we have compiled top tips and best practices.

Increase Revenue

Best practices & top tips

Appealing and relevant homescreens

The homescreen offers an ideal platform to highlight the best features of your hotel. Since the display is always on and the homescreen carousel is continually rotating, you can utilize this opportunity to draw your guests' attention to the elements you want to showcase.

Making the most of pop-up messages

Sending daily pop-up messages that highlight upcoming events, activities, and offers is an effective way to engage guests and enhance their stay. For optimal promotion, it is recommended to send at least three messages per day.

Structure your menus efficiently

To grab guests' attention, it's recommended to feature popular items at the top of the menu. Hiding them among other items can result in them being overlooked.

Creating messages

Messages can be an incredibly effective tool for capturing your guests' attention. By leveraging scheduled messages, you can advertise last-minute available dining availability and significantly enhance your restaurant's booking rates.

Upselling to boost revenue

Incorporating amenities into the Crave platform can enhance guest experience and drive revenue growth. Maximizing all available avenues can generate substantial returns for your property.

Creating products

Enabling your amenities to be ordered through the Crave platform can enhance guest engagement and increase sales. It's essential to showcase amenities that can be leveraged to boost your property's revenue.

Video services

Enhance your offering with Crave Instant Video. Chat face-to-face with guests from a central location for bookings, questions, and on-site offerings. It's secure with end-to-end encryption and just a click away.


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Guest engagement

Transform your Crave devices into the ultimate guest companion. Enable your guests to order delicious food, book a long-overdue spa day, or check the weather with just a few taps.

To ensure your guests receive optimal value from these devices, our key focus is on providing clear layouts, appealing images, and videos that capture their attention and keep them coming back for more.

To help you make the most of your Crave devices and increase guest engagement, we have compiled a list of our top tips and best practices.

Best practices & top tips

Keep the layout clear & tidy

A clear layout with relevant tabs encourages the guest to explore what each department has to offer. For a better guest experience, we recommend a range of 5 to 8 tabs so that each relevant area is covered, without it being overwhelming.

Use attractive imagery

Images give your devices personality, so why not make them unique and on-brand by using your own images as opposed to searching online for stock images. This will make your guests feel more connected to your hotel. 

Keep things moving

Incorporating GIFs into your content can be an excellent approach to boosting guest engagement. By using GIFs, you can capture your guests' attention, encourage them to delve deeper into your offerings, and provide a glimpse into the overall experience.

Using widgets

Widgets are an effective means of capturing guests' attention and directing them to specific sections of your platform that you wish to highlight. By customizing these widgets with your branding, you can effectively reinforce your overall image.

Applying translations

Include key languages on Crave devices for accessibility. The multi-language system and switcher widget can translate content for guests who prefer a different language.

Adding videos

To capture attention, visual and interactive content is essential. Utilizing video on the Crave device is a winning solution, whether it's for showcasing your wider offerings or in-room exercise classes.



Crave devices add great value to your rooms for your customers, but they are also a key feature that you can use to make your everyday operations easier. You can easily get marketing information out to your guests with just a few clicks.

Need to make some changes to your branding? No worries, you can customize your devices to reflect your brand identity.

See below for our top tips and best practices on how to use Crave to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.


Best practices & top tips

Use external links

Linking external collateral to the Crave system is easy and efficient. Direct guests to external booking engines or partner sites with just a few clicks, streamlining the booking process and improving their experience.

Check promotions regularly

Stay up-to-date with your Crave content by keeping a tablet nearby. As the marketing team, regularly review and update content to provide a better guest experience and maximize the benefits of the Crave system.

Nominate a hotel champion

We recommend designating a hotel champion to take ownership of the Crave solutions and regularly check in with different departments. This ensures that everything is up-to-date and that everyone is utilizing the solutions to their full potential.

Add product attachments

Attachments are an effective and efficient way to share frequently changing information, such as menu updates, promotional flyers, and event schedules.

Ad-hoc messages

Send quick and easy last-minute promotions to your guests directly from the console with just a few clicks.

Marketing schedules

Highlight breakfast items in the morning and cocktail offers in the evening with schedules, ensuring you promote relevant items at the right time.

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