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Keep it clean

It's no secret that guests expect everything in their room to be clean, including in-room technology. When it comes to technology, cleanliness is an even more critical factor, as guests want to use devices with confidence and ease, knowing that they are safe to use.


Keep it simple

Crave devices serve multiple purposes, such as requesting additional housekeeping services and amenities. Simplify the process for guests  displaying these on the main homepage, without any barriers or obstacles. This can significantly enhance the guest experience and make their stay more enjoyable.


Make it effective

If the guest is using the device, then you already have your best upselling tool in their hands. With pop-up promotional messages and access to an array of important information, it can be the bible for their stay, so make the most of every opportunity to encourage the extra spending.

Boosting revenue

While housekeeping may not be the first department that comes to mind when it comes to increasing revenue, there is a lot that can be done to leverage the Crave platform's potential.

From ensuring that the device is clean and charged, to providing upselling opportunities, the housekeeping team has the power to make a significant difference.

Additionally, the Crave device is designed to make guests' lives easier by providing the option to opt-out of services when not needed and streamlining the process for requesting additional items or minibar replenishment, saving guests time and effort.

Increase Revenue

Best practices & top tips

Integration compatible

At Crave, we understand the importance of ensuring that things run smoothly. We have established partnerships with various service providers, such as Alice and HotSOS, to ensure that your requests integrate seamlessly with your native system, so you won't waste any additional time or effort on request handling.

Save money with opt-out opportunities

In housekeeping, ensuring that everything is up to the correct standard for guests is essential. One potential time-saving solution is to offer opt-out incentives for guests who choose to forego housekeeping for the day, saving valuable hours of time.

Ensure the device is ready for use

With so much available for guests to interact with on in-room tablets, it's important that all devices are accessible and operational. As a member of the housekeeping team, you are responsible for ensuring that all devices are on the charging dock and turned on, as you are the eyes and ears inside the guest rooms.

Request handling

If you receive any requests for amenities or services, it is important to know how to handle then. The Crave staff console makes it easy to process orders in a timely manner, giving you all of the information you need to fulfil any request.

Connecting to your printer

Ensuring that your Crave printer stays connected to the assigned console is crucial for smooth operations. The printer will automatically generate printed tickets for all incoming requests.

Creating products

Offering amenities on the Crave platform enhances guest convenience by providing an easy way for them to place requests. This creates potential for revenue, especially if you include upcharges for certain items.

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Guest engagement

Crave devices not only add a unique touch to your rooms but also play a vital role in guest engagement.

Ensuring guest satisfaction is a top priority, and the Crave system excels at meeting their needs with features like pop-up messaging and streamlined requests for services and amenities.

With these tools, you can enhance their stay and make it as enjoyable as possible

Best practices & top tips

Make requests simple

Ensure that the process for guests to opt-out of housekeeping or request new towels is straightforward and streamlined. By minimizing unnecessary questions or steps in the request process, you can encourage guests to follow through with their requests without encountering any complications.

Grow your knowledge

To provide the best assistance to guests who may have questions about the Crave system, it's important to train housekeeping staff in using the tablet. By including hands-on Crave training in their overall training program, your staff can effectively assist guests with using the tablet and enhancing their overall experience.

Location, location, location

Where the device is located in the room is so important, as the guest needs to be able to see it easily and grab it without hesitation. At Crave we always advise that the tablet is kept on its charging dock next to the bed, to really get the most out of all engagement opportunities.

Hiding items

There is nothing worse than a guest asking for something you can't give them. If you run out of any amenities, you can quickly hide them via the Crave CMS to ensure that you avoid any issues with not being able to fulfil any requests.

Pop-up messages

Promote things like turndown service requests with just a few clicks using Crave’s messaging service. These can be sent directly from the staff console with ease, or even scheduled to go out to rooms on a daily basis.


Improve the efficiency of your housekeeping requests by seamlessly integrating them into your on-site system. Crave partners with leading providers such as Alice and HotSOS to simplify the process for all parties involved.


To optimize the Crave system and ensure smooth daily operations, it's crucial to involve the housekeeping team.

They can contribute to guests' positive experiences by keeping the device clean and operational, and incorporating Crave-related tasks into their Standard Operating Procedures.

By doing so, guests can maximize their use of the Crave system, and staff can streamline their processes.


Best practices & top tips

Make sure the room number is correct

Across the Crave platform, there are items that are orderable for in-room delivery. Therefore, it is very important to make sure the devices are loaded to the correct room, and tablets are not swapped between rooms. Make it part of your housekeeping process to review the device numbers on a daily basis.

A spot check goes a long way

If a device is not operating, it impacts on the guest's overall experience and any potential revenue generating opportunities. Therefore, it should be a standard part of each room clean that the device is reviewed to ensure it is connected to WIFI and is fully operational.

Keep it clean and tidy

The Crave tablet is considered as part of the room's furniture and should be utilized by the guest daily. To ensure a pleasant user experience, it's important to keep the device clean and readily available for use.

How to clean the device

We have some simple steps for ensuring that the device is kept clean without the use of corrosive materials. Click below to read our handy guide to help you keep the device clean.

Assigning a room number

Prevent order handling issues by ensuring devices are assigned to the correct room. Check and update room numbers daily as part of your process.

Connecting to wifi

Continuous Wi-Fi connectivity is necessary for Crave devices to receive requests, orders, and promotional messages. Maintaining a reliable connection is essential for hassle-free experience.

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