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Be sure to review

Make sure your menus are always up to date and present your offerings in the best way. Regular checking & upkeep of the menu displayed keeps things running smoothly for your team and keeps guests happy.


Utilize imagery

Entice your guests with great images or short videos of each dish. Don't let the beauty of your food and beverages go unseen. Capture guests' attention and boost engagement by keeping things bright and appealing.


Get descriptive

Don't leave your product descriptions blank! Keep them interesting and informative. A clean and exciting description goes a long way for guest enjoyment & satisfaction.

Boosting revenue

Certain tips and strategies can help you promote the key products and services that generate the most revenue.

Your Crave devices are not only a unique selling point and an exciting amenity for guests, they can help you boost sales, increase average check values and engage guests to discover more about your promotional items.

Below you will find our top tips and best practices to help you make more profit from your Crave devices.

Increase Revenue

Best practices & top tips

Laying out your menu efficiently

Placing your most popular and best-selling items at the top of your menu is a great way to ensure that guests see them right away. If your best-selling and highest revenue-earning products are hidden among other items, they may go unnoticed by guests.

Use upselling to boost revenue

The Crave system allows you to specifically create upselling via suggestions or optional alterations, and puts extra items in front of your guests to help encourage them to spend more. Upselling smaller items likes drinks onto main meals is a common way to get extra sales.

Make products more appealing

Imagery can be vital in grabbing guest attention and help in their decision to order more items. An appealing image or GIF can really showcase the delicacies you are offering and help get the order in the basket and into the rooms.

Scheduled messages

Creating and sending an engaging and attention-grabbing message can help encourage guests to order in-room dining or even book a table at your signature restaurant.

Product alterations

Alterations are key to giving your guests the flexibility to customize their orders to suit their preferences, including offering add-ons and upsells to give you that extra boost in revenue.

Booking links & attachments

To engage your guests better, provide them with more interactive features. Adding videos of signature dishes or booking links results in additional revenue and operational efficiencies. 

Upselling & suggestions

A crucial way of boosting revenue per head is via upselling, so why not utilise this on your Crave devices? Using specifically targeted alterations or suggestions is a great way.
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Guest engagement

Your Crave system allows you to stand out from competitors. It helps you put guest engagement, satisfaction & ergonomics first, leaving long-lasting smiles on the faces of your guests.

See below for our top tips and best practice information on how to keep your guests feeling engaged and excited to be using your Crave devices.

Best practices & top tips

Keep guests interested with the right layout

Clear and logical menu structure is key for guest engagement and satisfaction. Splitting your menu into food and beverage categories is a must, splitting further into sub-categories such as breakfast, all-day dining & kids menu.

Make product descriptions engaging

Short & snappy descriptions are best when working with food and beverage items, but it is important to keep in mind what information is most important to display, depending on the product itself. 

Choosing the right image

Choosing the right image for your product is important for guests viewing your menu. The best choice for imagery will always be your own. If you have a great collection of imagery of your dishes, these would give guests the best idea of what they could be enjoying.

Using product images

Use colorful imagery to entice guests to look through your menu and avoid empty grey squares. Alternatively, use on-brand food and beverage placeholder images.

Category images

Maximize the potential of category images by using them to showcase exciting products and capture guests' attention. Unused category images are an opportunity lost!

Benefits of widgets

Add a widget at the top of your menu to promote a specific dining offer or experience and keep the food and beverage tab engaging and dynamic.

Display allergens

Make sure to provide allergy information for all products to ensure guests are well-informed and confident in their orders.


Your Crave system isn't just great for your guests, it is also a great asset to your team. Displaying active orders in a clear and clean way allows staff to keep track and manage orders even in the busiest of times.

The ability to easily recall previous orders and send messages directly from consoles can streamline your work process in kitchens and behind bars.

See below our top tips and best practice information on how to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently via the Crave consoles.


Best practices & top tips

Making sure prices are accurate

Avoid surprise orders at a lower price by regularly checking the displayed prices for all products on your menu. This not only avoids confusion for guests at check-out, but also ensures accuracy in Crave's data analytics, allowing you to map trends and profit without error.

Ensuring routes are set up well

Optimize order handling by configuring routing based on property layout. This determines which orders go to which Crave console. For high-volume orders at specific times, consider having two food and beverage consoles, one in the bar for drinks and one in the kitchen for food.

Processing orders via consoles

Don't just let that order sit there! Press 'on the case' when a Crave console receives an order to prevent continuous alerting notification noise and to let the system know that the order is being handled, ensuring fault-free operations.

Ordering schedules

Schedule unavailability for certain items/categories outside designated times. For instance, breakfast items can only be viewed during breakfast service, avoiding unnecessary orders.

Connecting to your printer

Ensure the Crave-provided printer stays connected to the assigned console to ensure no tickets are missed. It automatically prints  orders for easy management and distribution.

Hiding items

Hide menu items temporarily to prevent orders for unavailable items, avoiding frustration for your team and guests. Easily control item visibility and availability for ordering.

Changing prices

Maintain smooth operations by updating orderable item prices. Ensure accuracy and consistency by easily updating individual product pricing, for one item or the entire menu.

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