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Eye-catching designs

Elevate your activities and events to the next level by adding a touch of visual appeal to your experiences. Use Crave devices to incorporate videos, images, and PDFs to any page, creating an immersive and engaging experience for guests.


Promote your offerings

More important than having your full range of experiences on the tablets is the ability to promote them effectively. By using pop-up messages and dynamic homescreens, you can ensure that the attention of your guests will be captured and drive revenue growth.


Keep everything up to date

Keeping all information on your current experiences up to date, as well as ensuring new ones are added once they become available, is crucial to gaining guest interaction. It's important that content is regularly reviewed to give guests the best user experience.

Boosting revenue

There are many actions that can be taken which will promote exploration, drive guest interaction and generate maximum revenue for each of your offerings.

Seize the initiative and elevate your activities and events using the top tips we've highlighted below, and take your knowledge of the possibilities of the Crave system further with our learning opportunities.

Increase Revenue

Best practices & top tips

Keep your bestsellers in prime position

Place your best sellers at the top of the menu structure to ensure visibility and boost revenue. A clear, easy-to-navigate menu is essential.


Advertise your pricing clearly

Price clarity is crucial to avoid potential booking cancellations. Ensure that prices are clearly advertised for each item alongside all the exciting details of your experiences.

Use imagery to show off your offerings

Use captivating images to grab guests' attention on the device and showcase the essence of your experiences. It's the first thing they'll see, so make sure it's eye-catching.

Scheduled messages

Scheduled messages highlight specific offerings, reducing the need for guests to browse the entire list of experiences. Coupled with availability information, it maximizes each experience's performance.

How to apply imagery

Imagery is key to grabbing the attention of guests, so why not learn about the various ways imagery can be applied to guest tablets, and what makes a great image?


The Home tab is the default location on a guest tablet to promote your best experiences. A well-designed home screen catches guests' attention and simplifies navigation to highlighted offerings.

Adjusting prices

Clear pricing secures bookings and and can be easily updated. Learn how to apply pricing structures to give guests the confidence to book their desired experiences.
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Guest engagement

The Crave devices are not only an interesting focal point in the rooms that makes you stand out from the crowd but are also key in engaging with your guests.

The satisfaction of every person who stays at your property is paramount, and the key to meeting their needs is engaging with them easily and efficiently.

This is where the Crave system thrives, with features like pop-up messaging and ease of requesting items and services, enhancing their stay in any way possible.

Best practices & top tips

Incorporate videos

Concise descriptions of your activities and events are great, but by incorporating videos wherever possible you can enhance guest interaction, which will lead to a boost in revenue growth.

Advertise your last few spots

Only have a few spots left for a time slot or day for a particular activity? Why not use Crave's messaging function to push these to the guests and fill each slot? By thinking of different ways to promote your services, you can maximize your chances to drive guest interaction.

Maintain a clean menu structure

Consider the best way to categorize and lay out your range of activities and events so guests can easily navigate through and find the offering for them. A clean menu layout is a great way to ensure guests remain fully engaged with your content and continue exploring.

How to add engaging videos

Videos enhance your offerings without obstruction, and can be hosted alongside text and pricing. Discover how to create effective videos and incorporate them seamlessly.

Send messages from a staff console

Staff can send ad-hoc messages promoting activities and events from the console. Messaging is a powerful tool to capture guests' attention and promote specific events or fill final availability slots.

Add schedule of upcoming events

A clear, easy-to-read event schedule helps guests plan their stay and explore available activities. Discover the best way to display schedules on guest tablets.

How to structure your offerings

Dividing activities into easily-digestible categories enhances guests' exploration of your offerings. Learn how to structure pages on guest tablets to encourage deeper engagement.


In addition to providing guests with an exciting way to engage with your property's content, the Crave system was also designed to make the jobs of staff easier too.

Learn how to make the process from guest interaction to request submission to booking confirmation seamless with our top tips on operations below.


Best practices & top tips

Capture sign-up details in advance

Streamline the booking process by gathering all necessary information through the guest devices upfront, ensuring GDPR compliance. Enjoy the convenience of booking with a few taps.

Ensure that your content is up to date

Keep guest devices updated with suspended activities to avoid unfulfilled booking requests and maintain customer satisfaction.

Linking to 3rd party activities

Linking 3rd party booking sites on guest devices saves time, prevents information duplication and will ensure that no conflicting information will be seen by guests.

How to gather booking details

Gather all guest information during booking to save time on additional communication. Configure activity pages to collect necessary details upfront, including date, time, attendee numbers, and contact information.

How to hide products

Avoid guest and team frustrations by temporarily hiding activities or events you can no longer offer. Quickly and easily remove items from guest devices until ready for re-activation.

Console order management

Getting guests to place orders is one part of the process, but handling them is another. It's important to know how to best use the Crave staff consoles to ensure you can process orders efficiently.

Host external booking links

The Crave system is very dynamic and can link to external collateral, such as external booking engines, for ease of use. With just a few clicks, you can direct guests to your site to make their bookings directly into your system.

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