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Please send the following information to help us set up your customized Agency Site.

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Basic Info:

-Send us your logo -

Send us your color scheme preferences for the site.

The default theme is orange. What would be the preferred color if different from the default orange?

Contact details:

Email id

Phone Number

Address Google Map

API Latitude and Longitude positions of your business location


Slider Images for the Home Page if different from the default ones

-Images for the portfolio

-Images for the about us section -

Images for the featured projects section

-Images for the our experts section

-Youtube/Vimeo link for the why choose us section

-Images for the Clients Section


Text for the slider

-Text for the featured offerings

-Text for title and description of u201cOur Servicesu201d Section

-Text for the title and short description of the About Us section on home page

-About Us description text

-Mission and Vision description text

-Featured projects title text

-Title and description text for the u201cOur Expertsu201d


-Name, designation and a short description of the team members

-Three title and description texts for the u201cWhy Choose Usu201d section

-Title and description for the clients section

-Client testimonials, names and designation

-Title text and description for the CTA

-Title and description for the blog section

-Text for up to 3 blog posts

Autoresponder Integration:

-Mail chimp API key

Package Details for the Services Page




-Where to link the button to

If you have any questions simply email us at our support address below...

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